Please check the newsletter for a current schedule of events.

Monthly Shoots

The McKinley Mountainmen conduct monthly rifle and pistol shoots (generally held) at the Mat Valley Range, Mile 38 Glen Hwy in Palmer, AK.

A small shoot fee is charged to cover the cost of the range and targets. A visitor's/new member's first shoot is free. Dates and times of our shoots and meetings are listed below in the Three Month Calendar of events.

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Monthly meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at the Eagle River VFW at 7:00 pm. located at 10527 VFW Rd, Eagle River, AK 99577.


In conjunction with other like-minded clubs, such as the Alaska Muzzle Loading Association, Midnight Sun Muzzle Loading Club, and the Coalition of Historical Trekkers, MMMLRC members have the opportunity to participate in three rendezvous each year. The three rendezvous dates are typically held over the Memorial Day weekend, a week during the summer months, and a long weekend in September or October.

Historically, rendezvous were held in various locations to give mountainmen and trappers the opportunity to trade goods, collect supplies needed for the coming year, and to socialize. In keeping with this tradition, every effort is made to secure a different location for each of our three rendezvous, at the choosing of the booshway. See the calendar of events below for additional information on scheduled rendezvous and other activities.

All events are family oriented. Children are always welcome to participate and learn fire arms safety, period crafts and activities, and primitive living techniques.